Mall Management

Centre Manager:

Hesti Langeveldt
Tel: +264 64 462 242


SAFARI Investments specialises in quality investments.  Built on a well-established business model with a history of success, the company has managed to establish a sought-after retail portfolio over many years.

Considering the unique portfolio of its assets, SAFARI is positioned to enjoy long-term sustainable growth in rental income. The company strives to astutely manage risks and challenges in the current economic climate and will not deviate from its long-term view on investment. SAFARI and its directors place strong emphasis on good corporate governance.

The main focus area of acquisition and investment is high income generating property assets in strategic locations. This includes selective investments in vacant land with development potential, as well as making good use of opportunities to continuously grow and unlock the value of existing assets in high-growth areas. The company is the ideal platform for property investors with a long-term investment goal to acquire a share in quality assets.

SAFARI’s properties are expected to perform best over the medium to long-term, and an investment in the company should be seen in the same light. Additions and renovations to properties are always planned in such a way that national retailers and customers are retained, or new retailers and customers are attracted to any given premises. This addresses competition as well, and ensures that the shopping experience is continually adapted to meet tenant demands and the evolving lifestyle trends of shoppers.

Improvements take the form of beautification of both property and landscape which may include:

  • providing better quality finishes and aesthetic appeal;
  • the enhancement of entertainment aspects such as food courts and facilities for comfort;
  • Addressing the transport and safety needs of customers by establishing taxi ranks and traffic control measures at access roads and intersections to centres.

The broad spectrum of customer needs are catered for: an eclectic choice of fashion stores serves a wide range of tastes and interests, while several popular food outlets are grouped within a comfortable and attractive food court to provide for every culinary requirement. Banking facilities are provided for convenience while landscaping, benches, walkways and trees all add to the aesthetic appeal and comfortable ambience at a centre.